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Residential or Home Cleaning

House cleaning services can cover a wide range of options, from basic tasks like dusting to the scrubbing down of every nook and cranny in your dwelling. It can be difficult to decide whether you should actually hire someone to help you with your chore or do these things yourself. Many people might feel that it can be a waste of money having someone else clean their home. There are

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Controlling Bugs and other Pests

The number one strategy of controlling household pests is a preventive tactic which is general cleanliness around your home. Sometimes even despite your best efforts, worrisome little critters will work their way inside. That calls for a direct hand-to-hand combat. Pests such as bugs, fleas, rodents, spiders etc are some of the most embarrassing creatures to be crawling in our houses. They have a tendency of appearing especially when we

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Cleaning the Satircases

Because they are awkward to clean, stairs and steps are often neglected. How you clean them depends on whether they are carpeted or bare and whether they are located inside or outside. Carpeted Stairs An excessively soiled carpet can hold up to one pound of dirt in each square yard. On carpeted stairs embedded dirt tend to be concentrated in the center and front of the tread where people walk.

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